Reorganization of the Office of the Provost

Published: February 1st, 2006

Category: Memos

Janie M. Fouke, Provost

After consultation with the faculty through the Senate and its various committees and consultation with the administration through the deans and Vice-Presidents, the Office of the Provost has completed a self-study resulting in the reorganization of its responsibilities and staff assignments.

We expect to provide better services to the university community as a consequence of this reorganization. Since the range of the office’s activities is extensive, we anticipate completing the process over the coming year and will announce components of the reorganization as they are finalized. Note that consultation with other members of the UF (e.g., the students) will occur as appropriate.

This is the first in a series of DDD memos intended to map specific people into the activities of the Office.

Associate Provost Debra Walker King has been assigned coordinating responsibilities for Faculty Development. Topics that will fall under her purview include:
* Professional Development Opportunities, such as orientation programs for faculty, department chairs, and teaching assistants, recognition and award programs, search committee training, and the University Center for Excellence in Teaching
* Campus Work and Environment, such as liaison with Senate policy Councils, Spousal Hires, Faculty Retention, Tuition Exchange, and interface with Human Resources
* University Diversity Initiatives, including recruitment and retention of a diverse university community.

Members of the campus community seeking information in these areas are encouraged to contact Dr. King directly and to use her as a source for general information and resources.

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