Voucher Approval for Foundation Expenditures

Published: April 4th, 2006

Category: Memos

Michael V. McKee, University Controller

The Finance and Accounting staff for the University and the UF Foundation have modified procedures to simplify the payment documentation process for Foundation moneys expended through University fund 171. Effective April 17, 2006, departments only need to send supporting documentation needed for voucher approval to Disbursement Services at Elmore Hall, P.O. Box 115350. Foundation staff will continue to be involved in the disbursement review process and will continue to have questions occur relative to particular expenditures. The Foundation staff requests that the UFF Payment Authorization form (UFF-PA) continue to be used and completed for all expenditures.

The forms UFF Transfer Request form (UFF-D) and UFF Transfer to UF form (UFF-U), are still required by the Foundation to transfer and deposit Foundation moneys to University fund 171. However, departments are encouraged to reduce their paperwork by making such requests to move moneys less frequently, such as on a quarterly basis.

Thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding this change, please contact Randy Staples at 392-1241 or Margaret Ward at 392-8304.

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