Distillation Condensers and Faucet Aspirators

Published: November 14th, 2006

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William S. Properzio, PhD, Director, Environmental Health and Safety

The University of Florida has an existing utilities policy that restrict the use of potable water to operate cooling condensers or faucet aspirators commonly used in laboratories.

University of Florida Utilities Policy:

H. Potable water (tap or drinking water) is a valuable utility that must be conserved and efficiently used throughout campus. Where potable water is required to support research/experiments (by one-time pass through), use will not exceed 30 minutes duration and must be under constant observation by qualified personnel. Research/experiments requiring more than 30 minutes of pass through water must use self-contained recycle cooling equipment. The Director, Physical Plant Division, must approve exceptions to this policy in writing in advance.

Steps shall be taken to replace these one-time pass through water techniques with self contained chillers and vacuum pumps. Environmental Health and Safety will begin policing this activity and reporting infractions to the Physical Plant Division for enforcement.

We recognize that this may cause some short term inconveniences. To that end, the change over will be phased in over a six month period (completion by May 31, 2007) to allow users to secure and install the alternate equipment.

In addition, EHS is attempting to secure special pricing on vacuum pumps and chillers from UF’s laboratory equipment supplier.

Please contact Bob Estling (Physical Plant) or Mark Yanchisin (Environmental Health and Safety) for assistance with your conversion.

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