Proposed New Academic Enhancement Program

Published: November 8th, 2006

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Bernie Machen, President

UF has proposed a new Academic Enhancement Program for undergraduate students that, if approved by the Board of Governors and the Florida Legislature, will enable the university to hire 200 new faculty members and 100 new academic advisers, resulting in smaller classes, a higher four-year graduation rate and a more rewarding college experience.

The program would apply to incoming freshmen and transfer students beginning in Fall 2007 and would be phased in over four years. The program would add $500 per semester to the tuition approved by the Florida Legislature for the 2007-08 academic year.

The University of Florida is the highest ranked university in the state, yet, with one exception, charges the lowest tuition and fees. Our tuition ($1603 per semester) is also considerably less than every other major public university nationally. This greatly impedes our ongoing efforts to reduce our high student-to-faculty ratio and take other steps necessary to make UF a leading national public university.

The hiring of new faculty members and advisers would lower student-teacher ratios, reduce class sizes and enable the university to add more sections of required and popular classes making it easier for students to complete required courses and potentially improving graduation rates. Additional faculty and adviser resources will be allocated according to undergraduate need.

The Academic Enhancement Program will not be covered by the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program or the Florida Prepaid College Plan, which does not cover all fees currently.

Nearly 95 percent of all in-state undergraduates receive Bright Futures scholarships. For students on financial aid, aid packages will be adjusted to cover the cost of the program. UF scholarships that pay for tuition and college costs, such as the Florida Opportunity Scholarship, will also cover the added cost.

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