Conversation about Shared Governance: Part II

Published: December 14th, 2006

Category: Memos

Debra Walker King, Associate Provost for Faculty Development

Please alert your faculty of the January 11, 2007 Faculty Development “Conversation about Shared Governance: Part II.” This all day workshop and discussion features Dr. Bernice Durand, Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate, Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Frank Cerra, Senior VP, Health Science Center, University of MN. The event will be held at Emerson Alumni Hall. As our visiting experts, Drs. Durand and Cerra will address attendees briefly and enter into discussion with each other and faculty during the morning session. Afternoon (small group) workshops in which attendees from colleges across campus discuss best practices as well as concerns and challenges met thus far in their journey toward implementing shared governance will begin after lunch.

Registration for this conversation is currently open at the follow web address

Early registration is encouraged and appreciated. If you have questions or need additional information please contact Dr. Debra Walker King at or 392-6004.

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