New Carpool Program for Faculty and Staff

Published: December 11th, 2006

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Scott Fox, Director

As the University of Florida and the surrounding community continue to grow, it is increasingly important for us to provide and encourage alternatives to the traditional single-occupancy vehicle commuting and parking experience.

Transportation and Parking Services is pleased to announce the new Faculty and Staff Carpool Program effective January 1, 2007, making it easier than ever before to participate in a carpool. Make a commitment to share the ride, and enjoy guaranteed parking in a preferred location at a vastly reduced cost.
Program Highlights:

  • All full-time, benefits-eligible UF/Shands faculty and staff members may participate.
  • Two-person carpool groups are eligible for all program benefits.
  • Use UF’s GreenRide online matching service to search for carpool partners while remaining anonymous.
  • One-day permits may be purchased at a reduced cost for occasions when unable to carpool.
  • A small fee is required to discourage misuse—about one quarter the cost of an Orange or Blue decal.

We urge you to take the stress out of your daily commute and the uncertainty out of your parking experience. You also will help reduce pollution, campus traffic and parking demand, wear and tear on your vehicle, and gasoline and parking expenses. So please, make a friend or two, and make a difference!

For complete program details, please visit us at .

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