Healthy Living Lunch and Learn Program

Published: January 26th, 2007

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Chris Machen, Chair of the Healthy Gators 2010 Steering Committee

Healthy Gators 2010 is a campus-wide initiative that promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit for all students, faculty and staff. Building upon the synergy created by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) program for the nation, Healthy People 2010, we are seeking better health for all members of the University of Florida’s campus community. The ultimate goal of Healthy Gators 2010 is to increase quality and years of healthy life through identification of and support for positive health behaviors.

As the University of Florida’s First Lady, I have made the well being of the UF community a top priority. As the chair of the Steering Committee for Healthy Gators 2010, I have been amazed at the broad based support for the idea that we can create a campus culture that will contribute to the adoption of good health habits. Therefore, we would like to bring a Healthy Living Lunch and Learn Program to your department/college for you and your faculty and staff, co- sponsored by Living Well, your campus Faculty and Staff Wellness Center and by Healthy Gators 2010 with the similar goal of a healthier campus in mind.

During the Healthy Living Lunch and Learn Program faculty and staff will have the chance to learn more about important health topics such as weight loss/fad diets, breast cancer, skin cancer, heart health, and sustainability. We can also customize a presentation for your department/college if you prefer a particular topic. Please contact Cassie Howard by phone at 392-8740 or vie email at if you are interested in scheduling a program. If you would like to learn more about Healthy Gators 2010, visit .

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