Performance Appraisals due March 31

Published: March 8th, 2007

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Kyle Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President for Administration

The University of Florida’s appraisal period for staff in TEAMS and USPS positions is March 1, 2006, through February 28, 2007. Please recall that the completed appraisal must be discussed with the employee, signed, and dated by March 31 according to our current Regulation.

Appraisals are designed to recap feedback that employees have received throughout the year. When completing a staff performance appraisal, supervisors will want to focus on the employee’s job performance (the employee’s competence or ability to perform the job) and his or her work-related behavior (the way in which an employee performs his or her job), using specific language and examples of work performance or behavior observed throughout the evaluative period.

Questions about the UF performance appraisal process should be directed to Paulene Shindelbower in Human Resource Services, Employee Relations, at (352) 392-6615, An instruction guide is available at to help managers complete performance appraisals.

Additionally, if a manager plans to issue a “minimally achieves or below” rating, please contact the appropriate HR satellite office. Questions about available training resources can be directed to Training and Organizational Development at (352) 392-4626,

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