Gifts and Grants

Published: June 7th, 2007

Category: Memos

Paul A. Robell, University of Florida Foundation

Often, gifts and grants* come directly to various locations on campus, e.g., to Student Financial Aid, the Provost’s Office, a Dean’s office, etc. We want to remind you that in order for a charitable contribution receipt to be generated, a gift record maintained and appropriate stewardship and recognition of the donor organization, information about such gift or grant needs to be sent to the UF Foundation (UFF).

If this gift needs subsequently to be managed by Student Financial Aid, or the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR), UFF will move those funds directly to those units for management. But we can not steward or recognize contributions about which we are not notified.

DSR and UFF work highly cooperatively on these types of transactions. The key issue for deposit to UFF is: does the donor believe he/she/it is making a gift? If so, please be sure that information gets to UFF.

Thank you.

*Contracts with deliverables (eg, intellectual property rights, payments, etc.) should be deposited directly through DSR. A “deliverable” however, does not include accountings, status reports, etc.

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