Common Reading Program – Books Available at Discounted Price

Published: August 9th, 2007

Category: Memos

Dr. Eugene L. Zdziarski, Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students

The 2007-2008 academic year marks the inaugural year of the campus-wide Common Reading Program at UF. The Division of Student Affairs in cooperation with a variety of colleges and departments across the campus have developed this initiative to provide a common learning experience for the entire campus community, and in particular new first-year students. A committee of faculty, staff, and students selected the book, Mountains Beyond Mountains: The quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a man who would cure the world by Tracy Kidder. All first-year students received a copy of this book at their Summer Preview session. As part f the Gator First-Year Experience, we ask that faculty members utilize the book in their classes as well as informal discussions with students. In addition, a variety of events such as lectures, discussion groups, and Tracy Kidder’s visit to UF have been organized for the UF community. You can learn more about the Common Reading Program and the campus events at:

In order to join the conversation, we encourage you to get a copy of the book. If you or your department would like a copy or copies of the book, please contact Leslie Hahn at Copies of the book are available at a significantly discounted price of $6.00 each while supplies last.

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