TEAMS December Leave Cash-Out

Published: November 5th, 2007

Category: Memos

Kyle Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President for Administration

TEAMS employees are eligible to cash out up to 16 hours of vacation leave—regardless of FTE—during the pay period of November 16 to November 29. In order to be eligible, employees must have 40 hours of vacation leave on balance after the end of that pay period. Eligible employees who participate will receive the cash-out payment in their December 7 paychecks.

To participate, employees report the number of hours they wish to cash out by entering them in the Weekly Elapsed screen in the myUFL system. Additional information about how to report the number of hours to be cashed out will be included in this month’s all-employee InfoGator and will be addressed at the November HR Forum. An instructional guide is also available to assist with this process via the following web address:

It is important to remember that no more than 16 hours of vacation leave are eligible to be cashed out and that 40 hours of vacation leave remain on balance after the end of the November 16 to 29 pay period.

Please direct questions to Central Leave Administration at (352) 392-5732 or or visit the HRS web site at

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