Policy for Emergency Notification information use and access

Published: January 8th, 2008

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Kyle Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President for Administration & Marc Hoit, Interim CIO

The university has been enhancing its emergency response efforts in connection with providing information, warnings and security for its students, faculty and staff. Part of this effort involves the collection of emergency contact information to be used in case of a campus or other emergency involving the university or its constituents. The university has started collecting emergency notification information for students during the course registration process. Plans to start collecting this information for faculty and staff are underway. Faculty, staff and students can enter their emergency contact information through My.ufl.edu ->My Account-> Update Emergency Contact.

Personal cell phone, personal e-mail, and emergency contact information is being collected for campus emergency notification, preparation and response. This information is protected from disclosure as a public record under an exception to the Florida public records law for security system plans and, unless required by law, the only business process under which UF will use the information is for emergency notification, preparation or response. The emergency contact information is being collected for use in notifying the individual or emergency contact in case of an emergency that could threaten the safety or health of people or to prepare or respond to an emergency .

In case of any critical emergency – always use 911

Dialing 911 will illicit the appropriate immediate local response to your area. UFPD and the Alachua County Combined Communications Center have access to the warning system for campus emergency responses.

In case of an individual student emergency, the Dean of Students office (24/7) is also available to help obtain support and assistance for the student and family. The Emergency Dean on call may be contacted during business hours at 392-1261, or after hours by contacting UPD at 392-1111.

In case of an individual employee emergency, Human Resource Services is available (24/7) to help access information and obtain support and assistance for the employee or family. HR may be contacted during business hours at 392-2477, or after hours by contacting UPD at 392-1111.

This new collection and notification process is an important step that will enhance the University’s ability to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact the Directory Administration at 273-1388 or DIRECTORY-@LISTS.UFL.EDU.

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