NUMBERED MEMORANDUM 2008-12 New Agreements with Specialty Laboratory Suppliers

Published: April 1st, 2008

Category: Memos

Michael V. McKee, Assistant Vice President & University Controller

University of Florida Purchasing Services, in a joint effort with Florida State University, is pleased to announce the secondary award of contracts to additional providers of laboratory supplies for Scientific Equipment, Lab and Safety Supplies.

These new contracts represent strategically sourced agreements benefitting the research community at UF. Through this negotiation the University was able to achieve overall savings of approximately 5% compared to previous pricing. All agreements are effective immediately.

The following suppliers are included in this contract:

* Affymetrix
* Applied Biosystems
* BD Biosystems
* Miltenyi Biotec
* New England Biolabs
* Perkin Elmer
* Qiagen
* Sigma-Aldrich

Order and contact information may be found on the UF Purchasing website at, left menu option Special UF Pricing under the Scientific and Medical heading. Contact for additional information regarding these contracts.

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