Print-related cost-reduction programs announced today

Published: May 1st, 2008

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Kyle Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President for Administration

Dear Colleagues,

As part of the ongoing efforts of the Campus Cost-reduction and Efficiency Task Force, the entire area of printing has been reviewed. In collaboration with dozens of people from across campus, three programs have been designed to assist you in reducing expenditures on printed materials, including photocopies. The objective is to reduce costs through improved efficiencies, better pricing and smarter practices – not by compromising communications effectiveness.

An awareness campaign, known as “Think Before You Ink,” is being launched today to promote the three programs. They will be introduced in stages, beginning today with the “Save The Paper” program, a campus-wide effort to curb excessive and unnecessary photocopies and printouts.

Next will be the Print-to-Web Initiative, which will encourage better use of the Internet and e-mail for producing and distributing materials such as employee newsletters and class handouts. Guidelines and tools will be provided to make conversion easier.

The third program, Printer Certification, will create a pool of print vendors who have been certified by the University to meet strict standards for pricing, quality, service and sustainability.

A Web site has been developed to provide detailed information on each of the programs, along with tools and support services ( PowerPoint presentations can be scheduled through the Office of University Relations. I would encourage you to arrange for a presentation, perhaps at your next staff meeting. Training sessions will also be provided to assist appropriate staff in taking best advantage of the programs.

The Office of Sustainability has developed a program called the Green Team, which will create a network of volunteers in every college and unit to provide guidance related to the implementation of sustainability initiatives. I would encourage you to assign someone on your staff to coordinate with Anna Prizzia in the OOS to establish a Green Team captain in your area.

It is important that you participate in these programs wherever possible. They were developed in cooperation with the Office of Sustainability, UF Purchasing, the UF Communications Network, University Relations and many others; and in accord with decisions of the Board of Trustees.

I appreciate your cooperation with these very important initiatives. They will not only reduce expense, but help us move toward a more sustainable campus.

Kyle Cavanaugh
Senior Vice President for Administration

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