Appointment of Chuck Frazier as Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Published: July 18th, 2008

Category: Memos

Kyle Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President for Administration

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Chuck Frazier has agreed to assume the position of Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO), reporting to the Senior Vice President for Administration, effective August 1, 2008. In the role of Interim CIO, Dr. Frazier will be responsible for providing oversight and leadership to existing units under the CIO including CNS, Networking Services, Academic Technology, and Telecom, along with responsibility for existing Information Technology Governance Committees.

In addition, Chuck’s assignment includes the development of a plan to integrate all administrative computing service operations and related information technology efforts into a cohesive operational unit. He will work closely with faculty and staff over the course of the next year to accomplish this. At that point, it is anticipated that the University will launch a national search for a new CIO.

Dr. Frazier brings a strong background into the interim role and was highly recommended by many throughout our campus community.

Please join me in congratulating Chuck and welcoming him to this new role.

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