Change in Business Reply Mail Design

Published: November 25th, 2008

Category: Memos

Lionel Dubay, Director, Business Services Division

The United States Postal Service is requiring a change in the design of all Business Reply Mail pieces which utilize UF Mail Services’ Permit No. 21. In order to ensure that we are granted an appropriate transition period, departments which have a Business Reply Mail inventory using this permit are being asked to contact UF Mail Services. You will need to provide UF Mail Services with an approximate quantity of your overall inventory, an approximate date you anticipate having the last of these pieces returned to you, and a sample of the various pieces in your inventory. This information will need to be submitted to UF Mail Services by Friday, December 12th, 2008 in order to receive consideration by the Gainesville Postmaster for an extended transition period. If this information is not submitted by that date, it could result in a lack of acceptance of your future business reply mailings by the United States Postal Service.

Please address all samples of your inventory to the attention of Carl Williams at PO Box 112001. For additional information, please contact Mail Services at 392-1134.

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