Notices of Proposed Regulation Amendments Notices of Technical Changes

Published: February 17th, 2009

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Jamie Lewis Keith, Vice President and General Counsel

The Notices listed below have been published on the University’s official website at

Notices of Proposed Regulation Amendments
6C1-1.0061 Affirmative Action Plan for Equal Employment Opportunity, and Administrative Organization for the Affirmative Action Program
6C1-1.0063 Complaints and Appeal Procedures for AP, TEAMS and USPS
6C1-3.006 Traffic & Parking; Definitions
6C1-3.007 Traffic & Parking; Parking Registration
6C1-3.009 Traffic & Parking; Bus System
6C1-3.013 Traffic & Parking; Violations
6C1-3.014 Traffic & Parking; Fne Schedule
6C1-3.015 Traffic & Parking; Jurisdiction: Appeals
6C1-3.037 Registration and Student Fees
6C1-3.0372 Registration and Student Fees
6C1-3.040 Employee Recognition Awards
6C1-3.0421 Employee Debt Collection
6C1-3.046 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal for Cause of Technical, Administrative and Managerial Support
6C1-3.054 Appointment; Technical, Executive, Administrative and Managerial Support and University Support Personnel System Staff
6C1-7.003 Academic Personnel Employment Plan: Academic Appointments, Types of Appointments, Appoint Status Modifier, and Academic-Administrative Classification Titles
6C1-7.041 Methods for Review and Resolution of Faculty Grievances

Notices of Technical Changes
6C1-1.200 Benefits, Retirement Programs, Employment Services and Holidays

6C1-3.008 Traffic & Parking; Miscellaneous Provisions
6C1-3.010 Traffic & Parking; Control of Parking
6C1-3.011 Traffic & Parking; Control of Traffic
6C1-3.057 Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Compensation and Drug Testing

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