Computer Application Workshop Fees

Published: August 10th, 2009

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Paula Fussell, Interim Vice President for Human Resource Services

Due to the impact of the recent budget reductions, Human Resource Services will begin charging $75 per day for certain computer application workshops. The fee will be charged beginning in September and will only apply to computer application workshops, such as Microsoft products, provided on-campus by New Horizons Computer Learning Center and sponsored by UF Training and Organizational Development. The fee will not apply to myUFL systems (PeopleSoft) training. The myUFL systems training will continue, along with our other workshops, to be offered free of charge.

Here is how the new system of charging for computer application training will work:

  • If a charge will be assessed for a workshop, the fee will be listed in the course title –for example, Microsoft Excel– Basic ($75). This fee applies only to workshops with a course number beginning with CCH.
  • An invoice will be sent at the end of each month to the appropriate college or division—or, in some cases, vice president’s office (depending upon the size of the work unit). This invoice will request a ChartField combination that will be used to complete an Expense-to-Revenue (E2R) transaction by the Office of Human Resource Services.
  • Charges will be assessed for completions (the employee attended the workshop as registered), “no shows” (the employee registered but did not attend), and last-minute cancellations (the person registered, then cancelled, but with fewer than three days’ notice). There will be no charge for timely cancellations.
  • Our confirmation and reminder e-mails are being modified to provide registered employees with information about this fee and cancellation policy.

We hope that by sharing the cost of these workshops we can continue to provide appropriate computer application training for employees who need access to this kind of skills development. Because there is a charge for the CCH courses, it is especially important that attendance at these workshops be discussed with supervisors in advance.

Please contact UF Training and Org. Development at with your questions. For additional information, please see

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