Material & Supply Fees/Equipment Use Fees

Published: January 6th, 2010

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Sheri P. Austin, Director, University Budgets

The deadline for requesting fees for Summer and Fall 2010 is as follows:
Departments – February 19, 2010
Deans – February 24, 2010

The Material & Supply and Equipment Use Fee Request and Approval Processes should be completed through the eForms Course Fee System utilizing electronic workflow.

To ensure your area has the information they need to successfully manage the updates, you can find an online Toolkit at

You can also find quick start instruction guides for new, update or deletions of fees at this site.

You will need to submit a separate form for each term if you want to change the fees or items to be purchased. If there is no change you will not need to submit a new form, the fee will continue until a change is initiated.

If you have new personnel assigned to this task, Security roles should be requested from your Department Security Administrator (DSA). New security requests are processed overnight.

Security Roles are as follows:
Department (Form Originators): UF_COURSEFEES_DEPT_USER
Dean or Designee (Approvers): UF_COURSEFEES_DEPT_DEAN

Please contact me at 392-2402 if you have any questions.

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