UF Campus (Printed) Telephone Directory 2010-2011 Departmental Listings

Published: July 12th, 2010

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Andy Fletcher, Associate Vice President, University Relations

We are gathering information for the 2010-2011 (Printed) Campus Telephone Directory. Please assist us by carefully reviewing your department or college listings in last year’s Directory and sending any changes to our office. This directory remains a valuable resource for many on campus.

In the Directory’s gray-bordered section (pages l through 82), check all possible listings for your department and make corrections, additions, or deletions. It is important that you check all possible cross listings. For example, the Center for Real Estate Studies might be found under “CENTERS,” “BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, COLLEGE OF,” and “REAL ESTATE.” Please add cross listings if necessary to help locate your office.

To make changes in your directory listing:

  1. Send a photocopy of all the page(s) on which your current listing(s) appears in last year’s Directory.
  2. Mark the changes necessary on the copies you are sending to our office.
  3. Include both mailing address (PO Box) and physical address (office number and building).
  4. Include the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the contact person in your area who handles your listings in the directory.
  5. Fax the pages with changes to (352) 392-9666.

Please see our web site (http://www.urel.ufl.edu/creativeServices/graphic-web/directory.html) for the most current information and samples with instructions.

Send Departmental/Office updates by campus mail to:

Suzanne Ramsey, 141 Stadium, PO Box 115100 or fax your changes to (352) 392-9666 or e-mail to officedirectory@ufl.edu. Call (352) 392-9092 with questions.

Deadline for Changes: August 5, 2010

To update individual listings, instruct your faculty and/or staff to sign-on to myufl.edu, click on my account and update my directory profile. (Please do not send individual listing updates to our office, as we are unable to update.)

For departments with TDD (Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf) access, please submit the number of the TDD line to: ADA Office, EHS Building, 179 Newell Drive, PO Box 115055, Gainesville, FL 32611, Voice: (352) 392-7056, TDD: (352) 846-1046.

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