Academic Integrity Task Force

Published: September 17th, 2010

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Bernard Mair, Associate Provost

The Academic Integrity Task Force (AITF) has been charged with (a) determining whether academic dishonesty is a problem at the University of Florida, (b) characterizing factors impacting academic integrity, and (c) making recommendations to the Provost to enhance academic integrity. The task force would like your input to help make recommendations that positively contribute to the culture of academic integrity at UF. Below, are a few ways to get involved.

First, all UF faculty, staff and students are invited to post comments, questions, and ideas on the discussion board at the AITF Web site. The board is already live.

Second, the AITF will be sending out a short survey to faculty this Fall. Please take the time to complete the survey so that they can provide recommendations that are both useful and practical.

Third, the AITF plans to conduct small focus groups in late fall after they receive the survey results to help gain more in-depth faculty opinions to shape recommendations. If you are interested in participating in a focus group, please contact either AITF chairs Dr. Stephanie Hanson ( or Dr. Jen Day Shaw (

The AITF appreciates your input and thanks you in advance for your participation. For additional information about AITF or to join the discussion board, please see the Web site at:

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