Purchasing Services Reporting Change

Published: March 9th, 2011

Category: Memos

Matthew Fajack, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

I have recently realigned the reporting and organizational structure of University Purchasing Services. As we work to make the most of the Universities’ funds, it has been my experience that Purchasing can play a key role in reducing the cost of goods and services provided to the University by vendors.

The primary goal of Purchasing Services is to purchase quality goods and services at competitive prices and to provide responsive, responsible service to University units. One way this goal is accomplished is through analysis of existing University-wide expenditures to identify opportunities for leveraging institutional spend in order to improve service and cost.

Purchasing Services now reports to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Under the leadership of Lisa Deal, Director of Purchasing, Purchasing Services will be working with Deans, Directors and Department Chairs to identify opportunities to improve the value their units receive from their expenditures.

Lisa Deal and Purchasing Services can be reached at (352) 392-1331.

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