Salary Increases for Staff Employees

Published: September 8th, 2011

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Paula Varnes Fussell, Vice President for Human Resource Services

I am pleased to announce that President Machen has approved a 3 percent across-the-board salary increase for all eligible TEAMS and USPS employees. The implementation of the increases should help offset the recent legislative change that required employees to contribute 3 percent of their salaries toward their retirement. The salary increases will be added to employees’ base salaries and will be effective September 16, 2011.

Funding for these increases was made available from cost savings associated with changes in the university’s leave regulation that reduces the amount of payments for unused vacation leave employees receive when they leave the university.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the 3 percent increase, employees must be hired on or before September 15, 2011, and must currently be contributing the 3 percent mandatory retirement contribution.

Part-time employees are eligible for the increases on a pro-rated basis.

Probationary employees and employees on leave of absence are also eligible for the 3 percent increase.

Staff in a collective bargaining unit will be governed by the terms of their respective contracts. Negotiations are currently underway with each union related to the 3 percent salary increases.


For state-funded positions, funding will be allocated based on filled TEAMS and USPS positions using the Budget Prep System completed by units in June.

Contract, grant, and auxiliary units are expected to fund all salary increases from existing sources.

Salary Increase Process

An automated process has been developed for loading the increases. Departments will be provided access to an online list of current staff with the proposed salary increases in a raise file for their review.

An instructional guide with directions on how to review the Raise File may be found at Additional information regarding the process may be found at

Salary Processing Timeline

September 13th (Tuesday) – Raise File will be available to departments for reviewing TEAMS and USPS salary increases

September 19th (Monday) 5:00 pm –Raise File will be closed to departments

September 26th (Monday) – Staff increases will be reflected in Job Data in the myUFL system

October 7th (Friday) – Staff receive the first paycheck with the salary increase

Regarding the availability of 3 percent salary increases for faculty, we must find offsetting savings in employee benefits to provide funding. We will continue to discuss changes to benefits with faculty representatives this fall.

Departments with questions regarding the staff salary increases may contact Classification and Compensation at (352) 392-2477 or

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