Campus Safety

Published: September 18th, 2012

Category: Memos

Chief Linda J. Stump, Assistant Vice President of Public and Environmental Safety

As many of you may already be aware from news reports, a series of bomb threats has occurred on college campuses since last Friday. These threats led to the evacuation of the University of Texas at Austin, North Dakota State University, and Hiram College in Ohio last Friday. On Monday, Louisiana State University evacuated its campus as well after its local 911 center received a call from a person saying that three bombs had been placed on campus.

Since these events began, the University of Florida Police Department has been monitoring them and has been in constant contact with local, state and federal law enforcement officials to assess the impact these events may have to the University of Florida.

To date, no information has been developed that leads officials to believe that any of these threats are credible, nor have any of the threats been directed toward our campus.

However, the UF community is reminded that if you see something, say something. Suspicious activity on campus should be reported immediately to the University of Florida Police Department at 352-392-1111. If the activity is of an urgent nature, call 911.

If UF receives a threat, the University of Florida Police Department will evaluate and assess it for credibility in conjunction with our state and federal law enforcement and emergency management partners. If specific action is needed on campus, these steps will be announced using the UF Alert System and via the University of Florida home page.

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