Campus Street Addresses

Published: October 1st, 2012

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Curtis A Reynolds, Vice President, Business Affairs

The University of Florida, in conjunction with Alachua County Fire Rescue, has assigned street addresses to all facilities on the University’s main campus in Gainesville to facilitate emergency response, package delivery and wayfinding. Over the past several months, street address signage has been installed on the majority of campus buildings.

Ship-to Addresses:

USPS mail delivery is not affected by the new street addresses and departments should continue to use PO Boxes as assigned by UF Mail and Document Services for standard mail delivery.

Ship-to addresses have been updated in myUF Market and have been shown on all purchase orders. Ship-to addresses saved in a user profile will update automatically and there is no additional action needed. Vendors with catalogs and major package delivery companies have been notified of the change and requested to update their systems to reflect the new addresses.

For more information on Enabled Vendors and finding a ship-to address, please see the myUF Market webpage here: or call the Purchasing Helpdesk at (352) 392-1335.

How to Find a Campus Building’s Street Address:

The UF Campus Web Map has been updated to show street addresses, click the appropriate building and the street address will appear in the resulting information box. The webpage can be found here: You may also find a complete listing of addresses here:

This effort will assist us in enhancing the response time for emergency services as well as prompt deliveries to the buildings.

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