Notice of Proposed Regulation Amendments

Published: February 20th, 2013

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Jamie Lewis Keith, Vice President and General Counsel

Notice of Proposed Regulation Amendments
1.006                     Non-Discrimination/Harassment/Invasion of Privacy Policies
1.0101                   Policy for Dealing with Conduct in Research
1.018                     Works and Inventions
3007                      Traffic & Parking; Parking Registration
3.056                     Resignation and Non-Reappointment of Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support
3.0372                   Student Health, Athletic, and Activity and Service and Transportation Access Fees
4.012                     Student Grievance Procedures
4.047                     Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code: Sanctions
4.048                     Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code: Reviews and Appeals
4.051                     Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code: Victim Services for Students on Campus
7.003                     Academic Personnel Employment Plan: Academic Appointments, Types of Appointments, Appointment Status Modifier, and Academic-Administrative Classification Titles
7.013                     Notice of Ending of Employment of Non-Tenured and Non-Permanent Status Faculty
7.019                     Tenure and Promotion: Definition, Eligibility, Granting of Tenure, Criteria, Procedures and Methods of Processing, Confidential Nature of Materials and Discussions, Reports and Appeals, Permanent Status and Sustained Performance Evaluations
7.025                     Permanent Status for County Extension Faculty
7.036                     Complaints Against Faculty Members

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