Suspicious Package Awareness

Published: April 18th, 2013

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Linda Stump, University of Florida Police Chief and Assistant Vice President for Public and Environmental Safety

In light of Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon and other world events, I am asking for everyone’s assistance to remain vigilant and increase awareness of any suspicious activity/ package and/or envelope that may arrive in your department. Though there has not been any direct threat to the University of Florida, one should never become complacent.

The UFPD has proactively begun conducting package screening training with the staff of the UF Document and Mailing Services as one step toward enhancing the university’s approach to this potential concern. Recognizing however the many ways mail may be delivered to the various departments throughout campus, I want to inform each of you some tips to keep in mind and share with your respective staffs.

In regards to suspicious packages, please take note of:
1. Lumps, bulges, or protrusions without applying pressure to the package or envelope.
2. Handwritten addresses or label from companies and if observed, check to see if the company exists.
3. Packages which are wrapped in string. All modern packaging material has eliminated this need.
4. Excessive postage on small packages or letters which is indicative that the package or letter was not weighed by the Post Office.
5. Leaks, stains, or any protruding wire, string, etc.
6. No return address or one that appears to be nonexistent

For additional information regarding suspicious package awareness, please go to

If anyone encounters a suspicious package, do not attempt to open, isolate the package, eliminate any future handling, and contact the UFPD immediately at 352-392-1111 or 911. The safety of everyone in the area of the package is our primary concern. If you think the package is suspicious, it is.

Remember, safety on the University of Florida campus is a shared responsibility among all of us. If you see something, say something!

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