UF Community Notice: Summer B Check-in

Published: June 20th, 2013

Category: Memos

Dave Kratzer, Vice President for Student Affairs

Summer B Residence Hall Check-in begins Wednesday June 26 at noon and continues through Sunday June 30 in the following residence halls:

East Campus:  Reid Hall, Yulee Hall, Mallory Hall and Beaty Towers
North Campus: Murphree Hall and Sledd Hall                                  
West Campus:  Hume Hall, East Hall, Keys Residential Complex, Lakeside Residential Complex, and Springs Residential Complex

The UF community will be welcoming around 2,800 new campus residents and their families.

For UF faculty and staff working the break between Summer A and B, please plan for impacts on all campus roads and near all student parking lots as well as in these staff parking lots as residents park on a short term basis to unload their vehicles and check in to residence halls:

•  Far east end of Inner Road Virtual Gated near Yulee Area

• Orange and Car Pool spaces near Yulee Area along SW 13th Street

• Orange and Car Pool Spaces around Murphree Area

• Gated staff lot west of Murphree Hall

• Grassy area west of Murphree Hall

• Orange Lot Southeast of East/Weaver Halls

Thank you for your support and understanding as the UF Community welcomes new parents and students to the UF campus.

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