UF/IFAS Associate Vice President Joyce to lead IFAS Center for Leadership

Published: April 2nd, 2014

Category: Memos

Jack Payne, Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources

I am pleased to announce that Joseph Joyce, Associate Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, will leave that position to lead the development of an IFAS Center aimed at leadership development.

In his new role, Joyce will manage the overall coordination and delivery of leadership programs within UF/IFAS and develop appropriate linkages with other leadership programs. His new job begins July 1.

UF/IFAS has a strong reputation for providing excellent leadership preparation for students through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and for professionals through the Wedgworth Institute and Natural Resources Leadership Institute.  There is a need for additional programming that includes strategic thinking, programs at the county level that engage UF IFAS Extension resources, and a need to integrate the variety of programming that already exists.

As director of the IFAS Center for Leadership, Joyce will be responsible for the long-range planning, budgeting, and program direction of all IFAS leadership programs. In addition to  current IFAS programs, such as the Wedgworth Leadership Institute and the Natural Resources Leadership Institute, which are programs involving external clientele, Joyce will assist in  direction for LEAD IFAS and other academic leadership programs, which involve IFAS faculty and staff.

Joyce will work in direct coordination with the current directors of the individual leadership programs, IFAS deans and other IFAS administrators for program coordination, delivery, budget coordination and development. In addition to other duties, as requested by the senior vice president, Joyce will continue to serve as the executive director of the Florida Leadership and Education Foundation, which is a direct support organization of UF.  A search for a replacement for his current position will be announced shortly.

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