University of Florida Regulation Amendments

Published: April 20th, 2015

Category: Memos

Jamie Lewis Keith
Vice President, General Counsel and University Secretary

UF-1.201 Leaves
UF-3.025 Lease of Space
UF-4.004 Social Fraternities and Sororities
UF-4.009 The University of Florida Career Resource Center
UF-4.010 Employer Registration
UF-7.0012 Office of Academic Affairs Requirements
UF-7.003 Academic Personnel Employment Plan: Academic Appointments, Types of Appointments, Appointment Status Modifiers, Academic-Administrative Classification Titles, and Faculty Award Titles
UF-7.010 Faculty Evaluation and Improvement: General Policy, Areas of Performance to be Evaluated, Sources of Data for Evaluation, Methods of Evaluation, Utilization of Evaluations, Junior Faculty Mentoring, Sustained Performance Evaluation and
Administrative Evaluation

The regulations listed above were approved by the Board of Trustees on April 3, 2015.
The regulation changes in their final form are now effective and have been published on the Regulations website at

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