Employment of Relatives – Nepotism

Published: September 15th, 2015

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Joseph Glover, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Paula Fussell, Vice President for Human Resource Services

This is a reminder that all employees of the University are subject to reporting and approval requirements regarding the hiring of relatives (nepotism).

The University of Florida is committed to a policy of employment and advancement on qualifications and merit and does not discriminate in favor of or in opposition to the employment of relatives. UF Regulation 1.009, Employment of Relatives, specifically prohibits the appointment of relatives or persons living in the same household to any position where a direct or indirect supervisory relationship would exist between relatives or would create a perceived or actual conflict of interest.  This includes, but is not limited to appointment, compensation, assignment of work, evaluation, grants administration and sponsored research projects, and financial authority or transactions.

The University reserves the right to refuse the appointment of a relative in the same department, division, or college wherein his/her relationship to another employee has the potential for creating an adverse impact on supervision, security, or morale, or creates a conflict of interest.  In cases where a familial relationship is formed after initial employment, the new status must be reported and addressed by a mitigation plan. The “Employment of Relatives” form along with a unit organizational chart must be submitted and approved prior to hiring any relative of a current UF employee, or if a relationship is created, within the same work unit.   Guidelines on best practices and the required form can be found on the HRS website at:  http://hr.ufl.edu/manager-resources/recruitment-staffing/recruitment-resources/recruitment-policies/hiring-policies/

For questions regarding staff appointments, contact Melissa Curry, Director, Human Resources, at mmayer@ufl.edu. For questions regarding faculty appointments, contact Angel Kwolek-Folland, Associate Provost, at akf@aa.ufl.edu.

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