Faculty and Staff Climate Survey available through November 17

Published: November 12th, 2015

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Paula Varnes Fussell, Vice President for Human Resource Services

On October 27, President Kent Fuchs and Council on Diversity Chair Ron Anderson announced the launch of the University of Florida Faculty-Staff Climate Survey. Found online at https://rankinsurveys2.com/ufl, the survey will be available for completion through November 17. The survey was distributed to UF faculty (including adjunct faculty), post-doctoral associates, and staff employees in the USPS and TEAMS salary plans. Please help us ensure your employees are aware of the survey and that they may complete the survey during work hours.

The Faculty-Staff Climate Survey builds on the work of the UF President’s Council on Diversity, the Faculty Senate and a long list of other campus participants, and is informed by comparable work done at peer institutions. Based on the results of this survey, action items will be identified to influence UF’s workplace practices, interactions and/or general environment.

After completing the survey, faculty and staff will be given an opportunity to enter for various “thank you” awards, including a semester of free parking. Please note that entering for the awards is a separate process from survey submission to protect confidentiality. For more information on measures taken to ensure confidentiality, please see the “Confidentiality” section of the Faculty and Staff Climate Survey section of the President’s website at http://president.ufl.edu/initiatives/uf-faculty-and-staff-climate-survey/.

In the spring of 2016, Rankin & Associates – the independent firm conducting the survey – will prepare a final report providing data from a university-wide perspective, including high-level summaries of the findings and themes. Generalizations for populations are limited to those groups or subgroups with response rates of at least 30 percent. Town hall meetings will be held after the results are shared to provide the university community an opportunity to discuss how best to move forward.

Please take this opportunity for your voice to be heard.  It’s your UF.  For more information and additional contact information, please visit http://president.ufl.edu/initiatives/uf-faculty-and-staff-climate-survey/

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