Fulbright Awareness Month 2016

Published: March 2nd, 2016

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Leonardo Villalón, Dean, UF International Center

I am delighted to let you know that the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has announced this past week that UF ranks second among the 18 top-producing research institutions of Fulbright Scholars for 2015-16.  To continue our efforts of increasing awareness and supporting Fulbright programs on campus, the UF International Center has designated the month of March 2016 as Fulbright Awareness Month. In collaboration with the UF Fulbright Lectures Committee, UF Honors, and the Graduate School, multiple activities for students, scholars, faculty and staff are planned to learn about the Fulbright application process and to listen to the experiences of past Fulbright scholars and students.

Below is the calendar of UF Fulbright events programmed for March:

“Things to Consider When Applying for a Fulbright

And Preparing to Go” Workshop by Karen Reed (for faculty)     March 11th        3:30-5:30 pm            UF International Center


Fulbright Lecture by Coco Fusco (open to the public)                March 23rd        3:00-3:50 pm            MUB 10/Music Bldg.


Fulbright Fellow and Scholar Workshop                                    March 30th             9:30-10:30 am            UF International Center

For UF departments and student coordinators

U.S. Student Program Info Session                                            March 30th             3:00-3:50 pm            UF International Center


Fulbright grants and fellowships are available in all fields of study and in many world regions. For more information see http://ufic.ufl.edu/Fulbright/index.html

To learn more about Fulbright programs and activities at UF, contact the appropriate Fulbright coordinator:

Regan Garner                rlgarner@ufl.edu                           U.S. Student Program

Debra Anderson           danderson@ufic.ufl.edu              Foreign Student Program

Nargiza Ludgate           rnargiza@ufl.edu                           U.S. Scholar Program (UF Faculty)

Adam Greenfield         agreen@ufic.ufl.edu                      Visiting Scholar Program

Matt Mitterko                mmitterko@aa.ufl.edu                 Non-resident Tuition Waiver

Charlie Guy                     clguy@ufl.edu                                 UF Fulbright Lecture Series Committee

Carlos Maeztu                maeztu@gmail.com                      North Florida Chapter Fulbright Association

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