New Catering Protocols, Improved System begins July 1

Published: June 30th, 2016

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Curtis Reynolds, Vice President for Business Affairs

Beginning July 1, the University of Florida will implement the Approved Caterer Program for caterers providing food services (including alcoholic beverages, when applicable) for events on campus. The new Program will identify University-approved caterers and streamline the process of securing catering services for campus units, while enforcing existing University standards.

All caterers will be approved through UF’s Business Services Division by supplying required documentation, including licenses and insurance documents. The new Program protocols will eliminate the need for departments to acquire these documents themselves, and the need for caterers to supply the documentation multiple times for different departments. The list of approved caterers and information for campus departments to review before booking their catering events will be made available to all UF entities online at

The new Program protocols will benefit the University in many ways, including ensuring best catering practices to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and guests at UF; offering departments greater flexibility and variety when selecting caterers; and assuring that caterers comply with UF’s rules and regulations regarding alcohol, retail, and food service.

The Approved Caterer Program will also support UF’s sustainability practices encouraging caterers to follow UF’s waste, recycling, composting and Styrofoam-free policies.

Approved caterers will be charged a three percent service fee based on the total price of the catered event to cover the administrative costs of this Program.
The Program covers both private and public events held on the main campus in Gainesville and on UF property within the immediate area when the caterer delivers on campus whether they are simply delivering, or are delivering and serving food. Deliveries for personal consumption and items picked up from the vendor are not included in this program.

The Approved Caterer Program’s streamlined catering protocols are based on a successful pilot program operating since 2013.

UF employees responsible for processing payments to caterers will receive instructions on any procedural changes in the near future.

Please contact David Looney, Associate Director of Business Services Division with any questions or concerns at or 352 392-0306.

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