PrintSmart program changes

Published: June 16th, 2016

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Lisa Deal, Procurement Director

Since implementing the PrintSmart program, UF has saved more than $2.4 million, through the use of 1,388 PrintSmart devices installed on campus. The goal of the program was to reduce costs for printing and optimize the print environment by standardizing equipment and, when possible, have UF staff share devices. Now, UF Procurement Services and Xerox are evaluating the efficacy and costs of the program. The following program changes are being implemented:

Pricing/Cost per Impression:
Beginning July 8, the cost per print will increase 5%, to $.0144 for black&white and $.0494 for color. UF will still realize significant savings with this increase, which remains below benchmarked costs for similar programs.

Equipment Requests:
Please request PrintSmart equipment using the PrintSmart webpage. Xerox will gather usage requirements and respond with a recommendation. Equipment installed in response to requests will be redeployed equipment from another UF department.

Underutilized equipment costs:
After completing an analysis of the PrintSmart devices installed on campus, it was determined that a considerable number are not being utilized to the extent anticipated (based on the initial 2012 assessment).

As a result and in the interest of efficiency, Xerox will now be working with departments to downgrade or remove underutilized equipment, or implement a monthly “convenience fee.” The fee schedule can be found on the PrintSmart website. Device volumes will be evaluated at nine-month intervals, and if usage is appropriate, the convenience fee will be lifted. If usage decreases, the fee will be reinstated. Impression fees will continue to apply.

For questions about these changes, please contact More information about the PrintSmart program can be found on the PrintSmart website.

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