Summer B 2016 Residence Hall Move-in: June 22 – 26

Published: June 20th, 2016

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David W. Parrott, vice president for Student Affairs

Summer B Residence Hall Move-in begins Wednesday June 22 and continues through Sunday June 26 in the following residence halls:

East Campus: Jennings, Cypress, Reid, Yulee and Mallory Halls; Beaty Towers

North Campus: Murphree, Thomas, and Buckman Halls

West Campus: Keys Residential Complex, Lakeside Residential Complex, and Springs Residential Complex

Innovation Square: Infinity Hall

The UF community will be welcoming around 2,500 Summer B campus residents and their families.

For UF faculty and staff working the break between Summer A and B, please plan for impacts on all campus roads and near all student parking lots as well as in these staff parking lots as residents park on a short term basis to unload their vehicles to move into residence halls:

• Inner Road Virtual Gated and Mallory Orange lot
• Orange Lot east of Cypress Hall
• Orange lots around Murphree Area
• Gated staff lot west of Murphree Hall
• Grassy area west of Murphree Hall
• Orange Lots surrounding the Housing Office

Thank you for your support and understanding as the UF Community welcomes new parents and students to the UF campus.

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