Notice of Proposed Regulation Amendments

Published: February 17th, 2017

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Vice President. General Counsel and University Secretary

UF-1.0101 Policy for Dealing with Conduct in Research
UF-1.0104 University of Florida Ethics Policy
UF-1.100 General Personnel Policy
UF-2.004 Use of University Facilities; Definitions; Priorities in Use; General Restrictions on Use
UF-2.020 Food Service on Campus
UF-2.021 Animals Not Allowed in Buildings
UF-3.007 Traffic & Parking: Parking Registration
UF-3.020 Procurement
UF-3.037 Registration and Student Fees
UF-3.045 University Support Personnel System (USPS) Predetermination and Arbitration Appeal Procedures for Employees with Permanent Status
UF-3.050 Finance and Administration; University Support Personnel System and Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support Staff Performance Appraisal
UF-3.054 Appointment, Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support and University Support Personnel System Staff
UF-4.006 Student Affairs; Commercial Activity: Selling of Merchandise, Activities Involving Off-Campus Vendors
UF-4.052 Religious Observances
UF-6.007 Qualifications and Appointment of County Extension Faculty
UF-6.008 Faculty Evaluation
UF-6.009 Extension Faculty Promotion Criteria; Tenure and Promotion of Faculty in a Research or Research and Education Centers; IFAS Committee on Tenure, Promotion and Permanent Status
UF-6.011 Leave
UF-6.015 Outside Activity Guidelines
UF-6.017 Publications
UF-6.019 Eligibility for Expanded Foods and Nutrition Education Program
UF-7.049 Textbook Adoptions

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