University of Florida Regulation Amendments

Published: March 30th, 2017

Category: Memos

Amy M. Hass, Associate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

UF-1.0101 Policy for Dealing with Conduct in Research
UF-1.0104 University of Florida Ethics Policy
UF-1.100 General Personnel Policy
UF-2.004 Use of University Facilities; Definitions; Priorities in Use; General Restrictions on Use
UF-2.020 Food Service on Campus
UF-2.021 Animals Not Allowed in Buildings
UF-3.007 Traffic & Parking; Parking Registration
UF-3.020 Procurement
UF-3.037 Registration and Student Fees
UF-3.045 University Support Personnel System (USPS) Predetermination and Arbitration Appeal Procedures for Employees with Permanent Status
UF-3.050 Finance and Administration; University Support Personnel System and Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support Staff Performance Appraisal
UF-3.054 Appointment, Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support and University Support Personnel System Staff
UF-4.006 Student Affairs; Commercial Activity: Selling of Merchandise, Activities Involving Off-Campus Vendors
UF-4.052 Religious Observances
UF-6.007 Qualifications and Appointment of County Extension Faculty
UF-6.008 Faculty Evaluation
UF-6.009 Extension Faculty Promotion Criteria; Tenure and Promotion of Faculty in a Research or Research and Education Centers; IFAS Committee on Tenure, Promotion and Permanent Status
UF-6.011 Leave
UF-6.015 Outside Activity Guidelines
UF-6.017 Publications
UF-7.049 Textbook Adoptions

The above-referenced regulations were approved by the Board of Trustees on March 17, 2017. The regulation changes in their final form are now effective and have been published on the Regulations’ website at

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