Reminder 2017-2018 Call for Regulation Development

Published: November 20th, 2017

Category: Memos

Amy M. Hass, Interim Vice President and General Counsel

This is the second reminder of the annual call for proposed changes to University of Florida regulations to be effective in the spring of 2018. Any unit that would like to propose changes to the University of Florida regulations (refer to the University of Florida Regulations website at may submit such proposed changes to the General Counsel’s Office by December 8, 2017.

Please include the following in the submission for each proposed changed regulation:

• The current regulation with the proposed changes highlighted. Brigit Dermott ( can provide a Word document if needed.
• A brief explanation of the changes.
• The approval of the appropriate Vice President.

The General Counsel’s office will analyze the proposals and review with you whether the change is substantive and will require Board of Trustees’ approval. If we have any suggestions, we will contact you to finalize the proposed changes. We will also place the final proposed changes in regulation format and draft the necessary notices and supporting documents.

Please note that the deadline for submissions will not be extended beyond December 8, 2017.

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