New Faculty Orientation August 15, 2018

Published: June 25th, 2018

Category: Memos

Jodi D. Gentry, Vice President for UF Human Resources

To welcome new faculty to the University of Florida and provide information about available resources and services, UF Human Resources will be hosting this year’s New Faculty Orientation on Wednesday, August 15, at Emerson Alumni Hall.

In keeping with past practice, we will be communicating with college designees to confirm new faculty to invite this year. All New Faculty Orientation appointee information forms at: should be submitted electronically to Kara Sue Cobb at by Friday, July 20. For the purpose of the Fall 2018 New Faculty Orientation, “new appointees” are considered to be those individuals new to the university this year and/or appointed after the last New Faculty Orientation held August 17, 2017. If additional new hires are identified after the July 21 deadline, please contact Kara Sue as soon as possible so they may be invited to the orientation.

Formal registration information will be sent to the new faculty members based upon submitted forms. Responses from your college or department are important to the success of our program and very much appreciated.

Thank you for your support and assistance with welcoming new faculty to the University of Florida.

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