Updated UF Student Honor and Student Code of Conduct

Published: August 21st, 2018

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David W. Parrott, Vice President for Student Affairs

On June 7, 2018, the UF Board of Trustees passed extensive revision to our Student Honor and Student Conduct Codes (UF Regulation 4.040). Utilizing national expertise and stakeholder feedback, the revised codes enhances clarity for students, makes the process simpler for faculty and ensures each phase of our conduct process is a separate entity in alignment with best practices.

Our codes streamline resolution of conduct cases and appeals processes, reducing administrative task time required for faculty.

Responsibilities of note for faculty:
• Gather relevant information to support the honor code allegation, decide on proposed sanctions, and submit the online report to SCCR.
• SCCR changes the grade to an “N”, prevents course withdrawal, and places holds as necessary.
• SCCR sends formal notice to students, meets with students initially to review allegations, rights, and faculty proposed sanctions.
• Faculty would provide information in required hearings with students.

As we begin the fall semester, please take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the code.

Learn more and view the full codes at https://sccr.dso.ufl.edu/

If you have any questions, please reach out to Assistant Dean and Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Pamela Malyk via email at SCCR@dso.ufl.edu.

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