Notices of Proposed Regulation Amendments

Published: March 22nd, 2022

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Amy M. Hass, Vice President and General Counsel

UF-3.0051 – Lost or Abandoned Property

UF-3.006 – Parking

UF-3.011 – Traffic

Notices of Proposed New Regulations

UF-1.500 – Processes for Complaints of Waste, Fraud, or Financial Mismanagement; Fraud Prevention and Detection

UF-4.060 – Military Veterans and Active Duty Service Members

UF-7.100 – Academic Program Termination

Notices of Regulations Repeal

UF-3.007 – Traffic & Parking; Parking Registration

UF-3.008 – Traffic & Parking; Miscellaneous Provisions

UF-3.009 – Traffic & Parking; Bus System

UF-3.010 – Traffic & Parking; Control of Parking

UF-3.013 – Traffic & Parking; Violations

UF-3.0131 – Traffic & Parking; Use of Devices to Impound Vehicles

UF-3.014 – Traffic & Parking; Fine Schedule

UF-3.015 – Traffic & Parking; Jurisdiction; Appeals

UF-4.003 – Registered Student Organizations Officer Eligibility

UF-6C1-4.005 – Student Affairs: Reitz Union

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