Renewal of Annual Contract for Typewriter Maintenance and Repairs

Published: July 1st, 1995

Category: Memos

Barbara J. Martin, Purchasing Agent

University of Florida’s Invitation to Bid No. 95B-47YC has been renewed with the vendors listed below for use by University of Florida Departments for an additional one (1) year period. The renewal period will be in effect from July 1, 1995 through June 30, 1996 with an option for renewal for an additional one (1) year period, July 1, 1996 through June 30, 1997.

VENDOR:      Nordyke Office Machines        D&W Typewriter Service
             3911 NW 13th Street            7911 Allamanda Ave.
             Gainesville, FL 32609          Tampa, FL 33619

 FEID:       VF591943337001                 VF593251602001

 CONTACT:    Norma Nordyke                  David Randall
             (352) 377-5817                 1-800-230-1665
             Fax (352) 376-9092

 ITEMS       Awarded Lots:                  Awarded Lots:
 COVERED:    2,3,6 & 7                      1,4,5,8,9 & 10

All questions concerning this contract should be directed to the Purchasing Division, Elmore Hall, Room 102, Attention: Barbara Martin, 392-1331 Ext. 310.

SUPERSEDES: This Purchasing Notice supersedes Notice No. 95-129 which should be removed from your files and destroyed.


“PER CALL” PRICES – For those departments who do not elect to purchase an annual maintenance contract, these prices offered shall be a flat hourly rate for labor only. Travel time or pickup delivery, when necessary, for in-shop repair will not be charged. A loan machine will be provided at no charge when inshop repairs are made. All parts to be charged at dealer cost.

PERFORMANCE TIME – The contractor will service or pick up machines within eight (8) working hours after a written or verbal order is received. The service requests will include the following information: purchase order number, location of the machines and the person to be contacted when repairs are made. Machines requiring repair in the contractor’s shop shall be construed as the normal eight (8) hour workday of the University within a work week 8:00 A.M. through 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays observed by the University.


ON ANNUAL MAINTENANCE: One half (1/2) of the unit price for machines covered will be paid to the contractor at the end of the first six (6) months and the final one half (1/2) at the end of the second six (6) months upon submission of properly prepared invoices. Payment for machines placed on contract will be made on a semi-annual basis.

The annual maintenance contract price for machines added during the term of the contract will be computed on a prorated basis at one-twelfth (l/12th) of the quoted annual rate for each month, or part of the month during which services are rendered. All services as detailed herein will apply to machines added in this manner. For periods greater than four (4) months, payment will be made at mid-term and end of the covered period. In the case where the prorated contract period is less than four (4) months, the prorated charges will be considered for repair services only as detailed therein. Payment for machines in this category will be made in full at the end of the period in which the unit is added to the contract.

Where the University desires discontinuance of service on a machine under annual maintenance, the University may terminate the order as to that particular machine upon written notice to the contractor, and contractor shall reimburse the University the prorated amount for the contract period.

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