Direct Deposit Earnings Statement

Published: August 2nd, 1995

Category: Memos

John P. Kruczek, University Controller

The Earnings Statements for employees whose wages are deposited by electronic funds transfer to their financial institution are currently printed on the same paper as payroll warrants. Comptroller’s Memorandum No. 1 (1995-96) announced that, beginning in August 1995, Earnings Statements for employees participating in the Direct Deposit Program will be printed on plain paper. These Earnings Statements will be interleaved in consecutive payment number with payroll warrants. The plain paper Earnings Statements will have the identical print positions as the Earnings Statements that are currently printed on warrant stock, but will not display the State Comptroller’s seal. In all other respects there will be no change in the information provided, or the distribution procedures, however there will be a significant savings achieved by the use of the plain paper.

Please inform the faculty and staff in your offices of this change. If you have any questions regarding this information please call me at 392-1321. Thank you for your cooperation.

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