Graduate Student Newsletter

Published: February 9th, 1996

Category: Memos

Karen A. Holbrook, Vice President and Dean

The Graduate School has been printing a bulletin for graduate students once a semester, largely to announce special events and deadlines. A considerable amount of information about opportunities for students and information that may be of general interest to students comes across all of our desks, particularly now that many national organizations are reconsidering how we educate our students for a new realm of career opportunities. In an effort to disseminate this information, in a timely manner, the Office of Research, Technology & Graduate Education is creating a one-to-two page graduate newsletter that will be distributed each month.

The success of this newsletter rests on our collective abilities to get accurate, pertinent information to graduate students. This is also a venue in which you could announce awards and special successes of your students. We will make every effort to include all submitted news items. An e-mail account has been set up specifically for submittals. The address is

Newsletters will be sent to your office for distribution on the second Monday of each month. In order to meet this deadline, we must have all information by the fourth Friday of the previous month. Because our first edition is scheduled to be distributed March 11, all information must be received by our office no later than Friday, February 23. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Crystal Warwell at 392-1582. It is our goal to work together to keep graduate students well informed.

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