Renewal & Price Increase of Annual Contract for Laboratory Supplies

Published: February 14th, 1996

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Belinda Watson, Senior Purchasing Agent

University of Florida’s Invitation to Bid No. 93M-104YC has been renewed with the vendor listed below for use by University of Florida Department for an additional one year period to provide for economies in the purchases of prices and conctitions set forth in this notice. The renewal period will be in effect from January 1, 1996 to December 31,1996.

University of FloricIa’s Invitation to Bid No. 93M-104YC prices have been increased effective March I, 1996. New price books sv-ill be available within thirty days. Any requisition submined to Purchasing will be changed to reflect current pricing, or you can call the toll free number I-800-766-7000, to obtain new net prices, for items you wish to order. New prices svill appear on NERDC on or about March 1, 1996. The Fisher catalog is now available on the Internet at HTTP://WWW.FISHER1.COM.
REMINDER: Orders less than $50.00 will have a freight charge.

VENDOR:                Fisher Scientific
                       2775 Pacific Drive
                       PO Box 4829
                       Norcross GA 30091

CONTACT: (Vendor)      800-766-7000 or Mark Tatiossian at 338-!890 

DELIVERY:              Maximum 21 Days

SHIPPING TERMS:        Destination

PAYMENT TERMS:         Net 30

MINIMUM ORDER:         $50.00

ITEMS COVERED          See attached

All questions concerning this contract should be directed to the Purchasing Division, Elmore Hall Room 102, Attention: Belinda Matson (904) 392-1331, Ext. 312.

SUPERSEDES: This Purchasing Notice supersedes Notice No. 95-48, which should be removed from your files and destroyed.

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