Newell Drive Parking Garage

Published: July 3rd, 1996

Category: Memos

Campus Decal Office

In an continuing effort to provide a sufficient number of parking spaces while preventing illegal parking, Parking Administrative Services is changing Garage V at the corner of Museum Road and Newell Drive to a gated facility. The sole purpose of gating the garage is to prevent inappropriate access, thus guaranteeing more spaces for faculty and staff. The garage will not be classified as a gated reserved parking area, so there will be no decal cost increase or change in decal designation.

The gates will be connected to Parking Administrative Services’ computer system. Anyone with an Orange 1, 2, 3, or Official Business decal will be able to gain entry to the garage. Drivers will swipe their Gator 1 ID Cards through a card reader to gain access to the garage. The ID Card will be the only way to access the gated area and therefore will be needed to use this facility.

The ground floor outside of the gated area will house Red 1, Motorcycle, Visitor parking for the Florida Museum of Natural History and a small amount of Orange parking.

We will begin using this new system Tuesday, July 23rd. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Parking Administrative Services at 392-8048.

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