Annual Salary Discrimination Study

Published: November 22nd, 1996

Category: Memos

Catherine A. Longstreth, Associate Vice President

For your information, please find a description and schedule of the salary review processes (administrative and Self-Selection Salary Review Process and self-study or self-selection) required by law. The Annual Salary Discrimination Study announcement was sent to all female and all minority faculty and Administrative and Professional staff on November 20, 1996. You may be receiving requests for salary data in order for individuals to conduct a salary review and requests to schedule meeting with you to review the results. Further detailed information on the annual study and the reporting format for the departments, colleges and vice presidents report to the Provost is located on web site location, Administrator’s Information Packet, Section 21. If you would prefer a hard copy of this reporting format or more information please do not hesitate to call (392-4894) or contact our office.


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