Training seats still available/New Discount

Published: January 8th, 1997

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Tom Santilli, Director

The Spring 97 schedule is set for Novell CNA, CNE and Microsoft MCSE courses. Class size is limited to 12 students per class and these seats should fill up quickly. Schedule and pricing information is available at or call Tom Santilli at 392-2137 ext.231 (or

We will be hosting an information/registration table this Wednesday and Thursday, January 8th & 9th in front of CSE building from 9:00am – 3:00pm. Seats will be filled on a first come first served basis; and all reservations are pre-paid. For registration and payment information, call Susan DeLong at 1-800-351-5052.

January 8, 1997 In an effort to launch the Dershya training center at UF this Spring and to increase enrollments, we are offering the 40% discount on all Novell and Microsoft courses for THIS SPRING ONLY to ALL pre-paid registrants.

We will be having an information/registration booth today and tomorrow in front of the CSE Building. You can register there, or call Susan DeLong at 1-800-352-5052, or for more information, visit our Web site at or call Tom Santilli at 392-2137 ext. 231.

P.S. People who have already registered at the less discounted rate will recieve credit for the difference.

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