Administrative Code Rule Changes

Published: February 19th, 1997

Category: Memos

John P. Kruczek, University Controller

Effective December 29, 1996, the following changes were made to the rules of the Division of Accounting and Auditing, Chapters 3A-40 and 3A-42, Florida Administrative Code. These changes affect the documentation required for travel reimbursements and certain vendor payments.

  1. Receipts are required for taxi fares in excess of $25 on a per fare basis.
  2. Receipts are required for storage, parking fees or tolls in excess of $25.
  3. A copy of only those pages of the program or agenda of the conference or convention itemizing the registration fees and any meals or lodging included in the registration fee shall be attached to the Voucher for Reimbursement of Travel Expense, and submitted for payment or shall be maintained by the agency.
  4. Dry cleaning expenses are allowable incidental travel expenses when official travel extends beyond seven days and such expenses are necessarily incurred to complete the official business portion of the trip.
  5. Direct payment of travel expenses may be granted with the prior approval of the agency head or his designee in situations that result in a cost savings to the State.
  6. The Voucher for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses is no longer required when the traveler has no claim for reimbursement. This includes travel for which all costs are billed directly to the agency.
  7. If the original invoice is not available, a duplicate of the invoice shall be maintained by the agency provided the agency has determined that the invoice has not been previously paid. The duplicate invoice must be labeled “Original invoice not available – agency records show that this obligation has not been previously paid. Signed ______________.” This statement must include the original signature of the person making the determination.
  8. Vouchers which include payments for the lease of equipment, the annual cost of which is in excess of purchasing category two (currently $15,000) established in Section 287.017, Florida Statutes, must show the lease approval number assigned by the Comptroller.

Please share this information with the fiscal staff in your office who prepare these payments. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Etta Green in University Travel Services at 392-1241.

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